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You can’t keep a unicycle maintained without a large amount of unicycle parts.  The moment something decides to wear out on your unicycle you will be able to replace it with something you have in your stash.  Before you go out riding, you have to inspect your bike to make sure everything is in working order.  If you’re unable to find what you need in terms of parts, there are many sources that are sure to help you locate all of those hard to find parts.  Don’t give up if the right unicycle parts escape you in your search.  It’s only a matter of time before you’re able to find the right unicycle parts.  Unicycle parts are a dime a dozen, which doesn’t necessarily say anything about their purchase price.  It means that you don’t have to look very hard to find a large amount of them.  Once you get knee deep into your search, you will have to know what your unicycle needs.
Unicycle parts aren’t hard to find because unicycles are far from being the most common type of bicycle out there.  You can pick them up from fellow unicyclists, but you aren’t going to find a major store that sells unicycle parts.  As a result, it might end up costing you a little more to get unicycle parts than it would for regular bicycle.  You shouldn’t give up your search until you’re able to find the right unicycle parts.  The process shouldn’t take you very long if you are dedicated enough.

Custom unicycles & Extreme unicycling

If you don’t like the unicycles you’re finding at the store, you can go for custom unicycles, which allow you to customize every aspect of your unicycle to make it possible for you to become satisfied with the unicycle you decided to invest a large amount of time and money on.  You’re going to have to pay a large amount of money to get a unicycle in general and even more to get custom unicycles.  The difference is that custom unicycles are what you want while regular unicycles are what the unicycle manufactures want you to want.  You are likely going to be satisfied if you go with store bought unicycle, but you’re even more likely to be satisfied if you decide to pick custom unicycles.  Custom unicycles are going to be worth every penny you spend on them.  The only problem you’re going to run into with them is the difficulty that you will have if you decide to resell it at one point.
Nobody is going to want a unicycle that was made for you when they could easily get one that’s made for them.  If you want to resell your unicycle, the last thing you should do is go with custom unicycles.  You’re going to have a good time with a unicycle you bought at the store, so you should go with one of them.  When you go to resell your unicycle, you’re going to have an idea of how much it’s worth.  You can sell it for that and have an easy time doing it.

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